Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Groom

The young man that walked in the room with his new bride had a glowing smile that lightened the faces of everyone. His black tuxedo gave him the look of stunning quality that turned the heads of every female. Although, his sense of humor was amusing,it gave his bride a warm smile that relaxed his nervousness. The groom's pleasant behavior showed that the marriage between both of them will last for years to come. This young man has given his future to the young bride with a great outlook toward life. The groom's glowing smile, stunning looks, sense of humor, and pleasant behavior gives there future a bright beginning.
March 25, 2007
This is something I wrote before we were married , and it does not explain all about this wonderful man (my husband) , however, as you read all he wrote you'll begin to see the blessing God give me.
Thank You God.

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